EFA Patrons


Miquel Curanta i Girona

The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies, the agency within the Ministry of Culture of Catalonia, which helps and promotes cultural companies and has been supporting the European Film Academy with the firm belief that it is essential to be part of an organisation, which not only promotes and gives visibility to European cinematography but also provides tools for its development


Jeanne Brunfaut
Director General
At Centre du Cinéma, we believe that cinema is a major factor for deepening the European identity. We are proud and happy to support the European Film Academy which remains a great window for the image of European films world-wide. We also believe that EFA will be an effective tool and help European decision makers understand the role of European cinema in the preservation of cultural diversity.



Frédérique Bredin
President of the CNC
(picture: Christian Kettinger)

France has successfully created an ambitious public policy based on cultural diversity. With 56 co-production agreements and programs for supporting film directors wherever they come from, France is a friend of all cinema world-wide. Seventy years after it was founded, the CNC continues to consolidate its role as an original ecosystem, envied and even imitated in many countries. Its aim is to fund the most singular French and international artists, to regulate the film and audiovisual markets, and also to maintain and promote the memory of the cinema of the past. Through its partnership with the European Film Awards, the CNC is re-affirming its cultural ambition, that of a fraternal Europe, driven by culture. This Europe is a wonderful idea because it is a message of hope and of dialogue between cultures that resounds world-wide.


Claus Ladegaard
CEO & Head of Film Funding
 (picture: Nikolai Østergaard)

We are living in times of great change. The film industry, too, is characterised by fundamental game changers. European cultural politicians and institutions must relate to the new reality for content production within a globalised and digitised media world, where mega companies like Facebook, Netflix and Google are setting the agenda. This makes it even more important to maintain the strength and quality of cinematic narratives which take a local starting point to tell universal stories that are touching, challenging and entertaining. EFA celebrates these very qualities, and the Danish Film Institute is delighted to be a part of that celebration.


Roberto Olla, Executive Director
For almost 30 years Eurimages has supported a wealth of international co-productions and has made a major contribution to promoting cultural diversity through cinema. The fund has a rigorous selection process and encourages producers to strive for excellence in independent cinema. We are proud to be associated with the European Film Awards and to be able to honour highly talented producers who are passionate about independent cinema with the Eurimages Co-production Award. 


Maritha Norstedt

Film Finances are proud to be associated with the European Film Awards. Film Finances is the world leader in completion guarantees. We help movies get to the big screen. We provide financiers with a service that gives them an assurance that the film will be delivered on time and that the over-budget costs will not be the financier's responsibility.
EFA gives us the opportunity to participate in the future of European films.


Guy Daleiden
Managing Director

Luxembourg is a small country at the heart of Europe for whom being part of a European film family is essential. Our filmmakers benefit enormously from working and networking with their European peers, and our stories live and travel thanks to European co-production partners and our films are first and foremost European films. The Luxembourg Film Fund is therefore a proud patron to the European Film Academy. Every year, the European Film Awards champion and celebrate the best in European talent and in European co-productions. They are a window to the strength, the diversity and the vibrancy of European cinema, and year after year, they serve as a reminder of how great films can enrich our lives – as cinephiles, as individuals and as Europeans.

Film Fund Luxembourg is a public funding body. It manages the programme and mechanisms through which the Luxembourg government provides financial support to audiovisual works.


Mikael Fellenius
Foto: Ola Kjelbye

Film i Väst – Your Scandinavian Partner in Co-Productions

Film i Väst is one of Europe’s leading regional film funds, located on the Swedish west coast in Västra Götaland. Film i Väst is active as co-producer and investor in international and Swedish film and TV-drama. Film i Väst is a proud patron to European Film Academy´s support and profiling of European film. A task and mission which will be even more important in the future.


Lasse Saarinen
Managing Director
Finland proudly supports diverse European cinema and the European Film Academy!

The Finnish Film Foundation supports and promotes the Finnish film industry by allocating public funding for professional film production, exhibition and distribution. The Foundation is also responsible for the festival distribution and international promotion of Finnish films and it provides statistics and information about the film industry in Finland. The Foundation was set up in 1969 and it operates under the supervision of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.


Erwin Provoost
European films tell us something about who we are and where we come from. They also contribute to the cultural, social and democratic values of the society in which we live today. European cinema can increase the visibility of Europe in the world, and be a perfect ambassador for promoting these values. We are therefore excited to be among the European Film Academy’s patrons.


Laufey Guðjónsdóttir
The Icelandic Film Centre supports the development, production and distribution of Icelandic films and promotes film culture in Iceland. One of our most important tasks is to encourage strong ties between Icelandic filmmakers and the international film community. In recent years we have welcomed many European productions to our shores, and our own films and filmmakers have benefited enormously from collaborations with our European partners. We are proud to be a patron of the European Film Academy and we look forward to a strong and fruitful relationship well into the future.


Luís Chaby Vaz
ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual– was created in 2007, succeeding ICAM (Instituto do Cinema, Audiovisual e Multimedia). Responsible to the Ministry of Culture, ICA's main tasks are to support production, distribution, exhibition and promotion of Portuguese cinema and audiovisual products, within the country and abroad.
Providing ongoing financial support for independent production, ICA seeks to contribute to the construction of a solid and integrated industry in Portugal.
ICA also supports the promotion of Portuguese cinema and audio-visual media in all international film festivals, as well as providing assistance to help to ensure the presence of producers at various events.
ICA is glad to support the European Film Academy and we strongly believe this is an important opportunity to promote European film among ourselves as well as outside European borders.


Anne Lajla Utsi
Managing Director

The International Sami Film Institute (ISFI) is located in the heart of Sápmi, in the North of Norway and was founded in 2009. The aim is to support and strengthen sami film production. The sami people are Europe´s only indigenous peoples.
ISFI has fostered a new generation of sami filmmakers, and the production of sami films has increased with almost 50 % since the establishment of ISFI. We have also supported the award winning SAMIBLOOD of director Amanda Kernell. And we also have a leading role in the Arctic Indigenous film industry. In 2018 ISFI initiated the establishment of the Arctic Indigenous Film Fund with partners in the whole circumpolar Arctic.


James Hickey, Chief Executive
Supporting Irish creative talent in film is the main thrust of the policy of Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board. We are delighted to join with our European colleagues on supporting the European Film Academy and in particular its awards ceremony which recognises European creative talent in film. Major challenges face European film in the years ahead. In becoming a patron of EFA, we see this as an opportunity to participate in the dialogue about the future of European film where the focus is on the strength and diversity of European creative film output. Ireland has a long history of contribution to and vigorous engagement with all aspects of European Culture.


Roberto Cicutto, President & CEO

lstituto Luce Cinecittà is the state-owned company whose main shareholder is the Italian Ministry for Culture, subsidising its activities on an annual basis.
lstituto Luce Cinecittà holds one of the most important film and photographic archives in which are collected and digitally categorised both its own productions and materials derived from private collections and acquisitions. It is a large collection concerning the history of the 20th century, and it has also been inscribed by UNESCO in the registry "Memory of the World".
Institutional work includes promoting Italian cinema, both classical and contemporary, at home and abroad by means of projects that are presented in collaboration with the most relevant cultural institutions of the world.
Since July 2017, Istituto Luce Cinecittà is in charge of managing the legendary Cinecittà Studios and post-production labs, founded 80 years ago (1937), property for 20 years of a private company.
Luce Cinecittà is proud to be one of the patrons of the European Film Academy, since our mission cannot be successful without such a strong network as EFA


Arben Zharku

The Kosovo Cinematography Center is a public film fund of the youngest country in Europe aiming to rebuild the historically interrupted film tradition and giving space to accumulate filmmaking talents. Being part of EFA is an honour for us, and a great opportunity to network with other European fellow bodies in developing the film industry.


Rolandas Kvietkauskas
The Lithuanian Film Centre is proud to be among the European Film Awards’ patrons. Representing our small film community, which has a strong artistic tradition and passion for co-production, we feel that it is essential to contribute to the celebration of European film culture.
The European Film Awards are a powerful embodiment of creativity and diversity in cinema, which our talented artists and skilled producers will share with the audience through their own stories. We look forward to the new discoveries ahead of us.


Doris Pack
Culture and cinema are unique means to unlock dialogue between communities because they constitute the common ground to understand each other, to overcome borders, and above all to share and exchange opinions, ideas, values. We, representing the Lux Film Prize of the European Parliament, proudly share with the European Film Academy the idea that culture and films are ideal tools to address stereotypes, prejudices, to pave the way for an intercultural dialogue and to propose answers to some of the challenges faced by our societies. We need to stand side by side to react to the dangerous radicalisation of Europe. We need storytellers to find other words and to tell with the power of emotions a new narrative for Europe. We need authors, directors and representatives of the cultural and cinema endeavour to raise their voices with us and to get involved on the ground for the European Elections 2019. Too much is at stake and it is about the future of each of us!


Gorjan Tozija
The Macedonian Film Agency as a legal successor of the Macedonian Film Fund will continue to be a patron of the European Film Academy. Being associated with the European Film Academy gives us a wonderful opportunity to affirm our orientation for the equal treatment and support of national and international co-productions as a way of providing international distribution, recognition and promotion of European films. In that way, the European Film Awards are a celebration of the annual film creativity and a great tool for the promotion of European films and filmmakers!


Kostas Champiaouris
Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus’ Ministry of Education and Culture is pleased to be associated with an organisation, having as its central aim to promote Europe’s film culture. I strongly believe that, by supporting the European Film Academy, we support European excellence in cinematographic works, communicate European values, as well as strengthening dialogue between different countries. 


Doreen Boonekamp
Dutch arthouse films, documentaries, animation and especially children and family films enjoy increasing international success at major international film festivals world-wide. For a small country with a limited language area it is extremely important to belong to a strong and vibrant European film culture with its own values and distinct character. Dutch filmmakers are extending their focus to other European countries and beyond. They are actively participating in both majority and minority Dutch co-productions in order to exchange knowledge and creativity to raise the artistic level of productions and to stimulate the circulation of films across borders. We feel strongly connected to the European Film Academy which plays a vital role in presenting and warding European talent globally and we are honoured to be a patron. 


Radosław Śmigulski
General Director
The Polish Film Institute (PISF) has the aim to support the national film industry in Poland. Its comprehensive system enables support for film projects at all stages of film production and helps promote Polish films in Poland and abroad. With a budget of EUR 34m it subsidies around 45 feature films par year, including minority co-productions.
The Polish parliament has adopted a new law introducing an automatic funding scheme in form of a cash rebate in amount of up to EUR 50m. The new incentive will be administrated by the Polish Film Institute and should be operational in Spring 2019.
Among recent projects supported by PISF are: COLD WAR by Paweł Pawlikowski (Cannes 2018, Competition), MUG by Małgorzata Szumowska (Berlinale 2018), ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE (Cannes 2018, Official Selection) by Damian Nenow and Raul de la Fuentes, LOVING VINCENT (European Film Award 2017, Oscar Nominee 2017, Annecy 2017) by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, GARETH JONES by Agnieszka Holland.


Antonio Muñoz
Delegate for Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism for Seville City Council
Seville’s City Council through its Institute of Culture and Arts organises each November the Seville European Film Festival. Nowadays, European filmmaking is showing an extraordinary creative strength, full of new, different proposals to be explored and discovered. It is no exaggeration to say that new blood is running underground and above the surface in the old continent. Our festival is committed, through the fresh impetus of its director, José Luis Cienfuegos, to promote and encourage both the long creative tradition of renowned veteran filmmakers and the eagerness of the new talents - a goal that we proudly share with the EFA which honours our city and festival by announcing in Seville the nominees for the European Film Awards. 


Anna Serner, CEO
Film is essential for a democracy. Without it, many voices would never be heard, and all kinds of stories never be told. Thanks to the EFA, we are given a chance to see the fantastic diversity in Europe and share our realities, creating an understanding across the borders. My colleagues and I at the Swedish Film Institute are very proud to be one of the patrons of the EFA and present our Swedish films, just as much as we are looking forward to discovering other important stories from all over Europe. 


Catherine Ann Berger
Managing Director
The promotion agency SWISS FILMS with offices in Zurich and Geneva is dedicated to promoting Swiss cinema abroad and supports Swiss films and talents at festivals and markets around the world.
SWISS FILMS is partner to Swiss producers and filmmakers to develop international strategies and to establish contacts with festival delegates, sales agents and distributors. We advise buyers and festival delegates on Swiss release support schemes. With a database of almost 6,000 films, the agency also provides an essential source of information for international film professionals and trade publications. SWISS FILMS is funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.
We are proud to be one of the European Film Academy’s patrons and honored to contribute to Europe’s divers cinematic voices.