A fantasy musical comedy based on Homer's The Odyssey, O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? is a picaresque tale of three hapless con¬victs fleeing from life on a chain gang, and led by Ulysses McGill (George Clooney). Accompanied by a bluegrass/spirituals score and helped on their way by a blind railway work¬er who accurately predicts that the fortune they find will not be the for¬tune they seek, the escapees discover on their journey such wonders as a duplicitous bible salesman (John Goodman); Babyface Nelson who meets them in mid-hold-up and likes their style; and Charles Durning as a governor on the re-election trail.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Joel Coen

Written by: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Produced by: Ethan Coen

Cinematography: Roger Deakins

Main Cast: Tim Blake Nelson (Delmar), John Goodman (Big Dan Teague), Michael Badalucco (George Nelson), Holly Hunter (Penny), George Clooney (Everett), John Turturro (Pete)

Nominations and Awards

  • Screen International Award (for a non-European film) 2000