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04:33, 21.09.2020

Congratulations to EFA winner Maria Schrader for her award!

04:30, 21.09.2020

A voyage of discovery spanning a century: from the family café at Bavarian Walchensee to San Francisco to the infam…

04:20, 21.09.2020

RT : In honor of her birthday, let's enjoy Sophia Loren enjoying life.

04:19, 21.09.2020

RT : The Berlinale joins the international protest against the arrest of Sudanese filmmaker Hajooj Kuka and four other a…

01:31, 19.09.2020

As a founding member of The International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (ICFR) the European Film Academy calls f…

02:45, 18.09.2020

A film about native Indonesian girls working as nannies for the colonial Dutch, against the backdrop of WWII and th…

02:41, 18.09.2020

RT : European cinema is a vehicle for sharing and promoting transatlantic values. We look forward to bring more European…

07:03, 17.09.2020

: receives the Honorary Award of the EFA President and Board at the 28th Europea…

05:36, 17.09.2020

The European Film Academy and congratulate GENIUS LOCI by Adrien Mérigeau, now a candidate for a nomi…

06:25, 16.09.2020

When Éva Fahidi returned from Auschwitz, she was alone, 49 members of her family were murdered. 70 years later, she…

05:52, 16.09.2020

Rossy de Palma in WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. Happy birthday !

11:52, 16.09.2020

The European Film Academy and congratulate THE SHIFT by , now a candidate for a nominati…

11:50, 16.09.2020

RT : Jean Renoir, Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini.

04:28, 15.09.2020

RT : Os presentamos el cartel del , firmado por el artista sevillano Julio Serrano ‘Julepe' e inspirad…

03:54, 14.09.2020

Congratulations to the winners of !


The New LUX European Audience Film Award

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EFA Documentary Selection 2020

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EFA Feature Film Selection 2020: Part 1

First Part of EFA Feature Film Selection Includes 32 Films. continue reading

The 32nd European Film Awards: The Winners!

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