Russia, Kirgizia


A desolate, restless small town lost in the industrial wastelands of Kyrgyzstan. Plagued by boredom, confusion and sex - all the usual agonies of adolescence - 17-year-old "Chimp" (so called because of his ears) and his friends are killing time by fighting, partying and working in the railyard before undergoing their military service. "Chimp" has more than his share of problems: His pretty and capricious girlfriend causes him nothing but heartache, his father is a self-loathing chronic alcoholic, and his long-suffering mother has had enough. She leaves, taking "Chimp's" kis sister with her.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Aktan Abdykalykov

Written by: Avtandil Adykoulov, Tonino Guerra, Aktan Abdykalykov

Produced by: Frédérique Dumas-Zajdela, Marc Baschet, Cédomir Kolar

Cinematography: Hassan Kydraliev

Editing: Tilek Mambetova, Natalia Vavilkina

Production Design: Dzylkycy Dzakypov

Costume Design: Erik Saliev

Original Score: Alexander Yurtaev

Main Cast: Mirlan Abdykalykov (The Chimp), Sergej Golovkin (Sacha), Dzylkycy Dzakypov (father), Alexandra Mitrokhina (Zina)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Discovery of the Year - Fassbinder Award  2001