Fucking ÅMÅL



Elin and her teenage friends are growing up in the small town of ÅMÅL. Nothing ever happens until Elin makes an unexpected move - she goes to the wrong party - and her life takes a different turn. Stuck in the middle of two love interests and a hilarious small-town life, Elin tries to come to terms with her real self.

A contemporary story about longing, the joy and pain of being in love, the comical and heartbreaking aspects of growing up - and the courage it takes to be different.

Director's Biography

Lukas Moodysson was born in 1969. He published a collection of poems at the age of seventeen, followed by several more collections pf poetry and a novel. He was educated at Dramatiska Institutet, the National Film School of Sweden, where he made his first short films. Among them was his graduation film "Showdown in the Underworld"(1995) which received an award at the student film festival in Munich. The short film "Talk"(1997), his first film out of film school, has been sold to a number of countries.
"Fucking ÅMÅL" is his first feature film. He is currently working on a new screenplay. Lukas Moodysson lives in Malmö in the south of Sweden with his wife Coco and two children.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Lukas Moodysson

Written by: Lukas Moodysson

Produced by: Lars Jönsson

Cinematography: Ulf Brantås

Editing: Bernhard Winkler, Michal Leszczylowski

Production Design: Lina Strand, Heidi Saikkonen

Main Cast: Axel Widegren, Jill Ung, Alexandra Dahlström, Lisa Skagerstam, Rebecca Liljeberg, Erica Carlson, Mathias Rust, Stefan Hörberg, Ralph Carlsson, Maria Hedborg

Nominations and Awards

  • European Film 1999
  • EFA Feature Film Selection 1999