In 1963 revelations in the British press blew up into the most sensational political sex scandal of the century. Her Majesty's Minister for War, John Profumo, was unwittingly engaged in a sexual liaison with ncall girl« Christine Keeler at the same time she was sharing her favours with Soviet naval attache Eugene Ivanov. By the end of 1963 Profumo had resigned, Christine Keeler was in prison, Eugene Ivanov had abruptly left Britain, and Stephen Ward, the man who had »discovered« Christine Keeler, was dead. »Scandal« is the story of the beautiful Christine who desired too much by too many men...

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Michael Caton-Jones

Written by: Michael Thomas

Main Cast: Joanne Whalley, Bridget Fonda, lan McKellaw, John Hurt

Nominations and Awards

  • Young European Film 1989