Treffen in Travers



The fall of 1793 witnesses a meeting of poet Georg Forster, his wife Therese and her lover Ferdinand Huber. Over the course of three days and nights and against the backdrop of the revolutionary events in Paris, Travers becomes the setting for a most intimate drama. Forster is about to lose his beloved yet neglected wife to a friend. He was going to start over, but obviously he is the lesser lover. The divorce was already decided upon, but when the couple once more meets on neutral ground, their mutual bond still proves to be strong. Forster tries to convince Therese to accompany him to Paris, and he is willing to accept her lover as a third party into their life.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Michael Gwisdek

Written by: Thomas Knauf, Michael Gwisdek

Main Cast: Hermann Beyer (Georg Forster), Corinna Harfouch (Therese Forster), Uwe Kockisch (Ferdinand Huber), Peter Dommisch (Lionidas), Heide Kipp (Marthe), Hark Bohm (mayor)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Actress 1989