Ireland 1987


Although Reefer has enough of his own problems he picks a girl up off the street who not only is too young for him but anyone can see that she is pregnant. He brings her to the trawler he shares with a friend from his days with the I.R.A., and a deserter. Reefer manages to stay clean of the law by transporting goods — a quick hold- up here and there to support the guerillas is of little significance. One day, however, during a bank raid — it is to be the last time — a policeman is killed. Reefer was finally going to straighten out his life, but now he must escape from the law. But the happy end seems possible: just as the cutter is about to leave shore with its fugitives a child is born into the family.

Cast & Crew

Directed by : Joe Comerford

Written by : Joe Comerford

Produced by : Lelia Doolan

Main Cast : Carol Scanlan, Ian McElhinney, Eve Watkinson, Maire Chinsealach, Birdy Sweeney, Ray McBride, Sean Lawlor, Ian McElhinney, Carol Scanlan, Sean Lawlor, Ray McBride, Birdy Sweeney, Maire Chinsealach, Eve Watkinson

Nominations and Awards

  • Best Young Film 1988
  • European Actress 1988
  • Best Supporting Actor 1988