This is the story of the relationship between two very different people in a dreary suburb. The young and seductive woman Badema marries the ex-prisoner Kuduz, a man ruled by his passion and his jealousy, and just one step away from the brink of crime. But neither the difference in their age nor Badema's illegitimate dauger stops them from building a new life together.
Nonetheless, something always seems to be a bit out of joint. With Badema it is her need forfun. Protestations and apologies soon become bitter confrontations ending in court. The tragic conclusion is inevitable, and the story would not be worth telling, were it not for the deep love between Kuduz and his little step-daughter.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ademir Kenovic

Written by: Abdulah Sidran, Ademir Kenovic

Cinematography: Mustafa Mustafic

Original Score: Goran Bregovic

Main Cast: Slobodan Custic, Snezana Bogdanovic

Nominations and Awards

  • Young European Film 1989
  • European Actress 1989
  • European Composer 1989