Éva Fahidi was 20 years old when she returned to Hungary from Auschwitz Birkenau. She was all alone, 49 members of her family were murdered, including her mother, her father and her little sister. 70 years later, aged 90, Éva is asked to participate in a dance theatre performance about her life. Réka, the director, imagines a duet between Éva and the young, internationally acclaimed dancer, Emese. Réka wants to see these two women, young and old, interact on stage, to see how their bodies and their stories can intertwine. Éva agrees immediately. Three women – three months – a story of crossing boundaries. Whilst key moments of Éva’s life are distilled into theater scenes, a powerful relationship forms between the three women.

Director's Biography

Born in Budpest in 1969, Réka Szabó graduated in Mathematics and Informatics, meanwhile she fell in love with contemporary dance. Now she is the artistic director of The Symptoms, one of the most significant contemporary dance theatre companies in Hungary. The company recognises no generic boundaries. They treat everyday problems that pre-occupy all of us, addressing these themes in a deeply personal tone. All of this is wrapped in a vision that is grotesque, self-ironic and poetic at the same time. After directing two experimental short films, THE EUPHORIA OF BEING is her first feature-length documentary.

2019 THE EUPHORIA OF BEING, documentary

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Réka Szabó

Written by: Réka Szabó

Produced by: Sára László, Marcell Gero, Réka Szabó

Cinematography: Claudia Kovács

Editing: Sylvie Gadmer, Péter Sass

Sound: Rudolf Várhegyi

Main Cast: Éva Fahidi (Éva), Emese Cuhorka (Emese), Réka Szabó (Réka)

Nominations and Awards

  • EFA Documentary Selection 2020