EPIC BEACH FIGHT!! This is what happens when you yell "Sieg Heil" and call someone's wife a whore. He had it coming.

Directors Statement

This film is based on one of the most vivid memories of my early childhood - when some teenagers started yelling ”Sieg Heil” on a beach I visited with my family, and my mom asked my dad to go tell them off. My dad wasn’t up for this at all. And I was very glad he wasn’t.

Reconstructing this event, I was interested in the moral dilemma that my parents were confronted with that day on the beach. And also what it could have looked like had some adults actually confronted those loud young men. The result is a film about a clash of generations, where lack of communication (and too much beer and sun) ultimately leads to a fight on a Swedish beach.

Director's Biography

Simon was born in 1984 in the coastal town of Varberg (where his film was shot). His studies / work in film range from Los Angeles to Gothenburg, where he graduated with a Master from the Valand Academy of Film in 2013. FIGHT ON A SWEDISH BEACH is his first project with Plattform Produktion.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Simon Vahlne

Written by: Simon Vahlne

Produced by: Axel Danielson, Ellen Hallin

Cinematography: Maximilien Van Aertryck

Editing: Simon Vahlne, Axel Danielson

Production Design: Fianna Robijn

Costume Design: Fianna Robijn

Original Score: Eddie Nilsson

Sound Design: Lars Wignell, Gustaf Berger

Main Cast: Stefan Holmberg (Stefan), Lotti Sjödin (Lotti), Hugo Nylén (Hugo), William Davidsson (William), Helena Jansson (Helena), Krister Thunberg (Krister), Ulla Zachrisson (Ulla), Daddy Musesa (Daddy)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2017