Ashik Kerib



Ashik Kerib is a poor man, but he has a generous heart and a beautiful voice. He plays the saaze, a Turkish balalaika, and with his saaze he glorifies the exploits of the valiant Turkestan knights. He is always invited to play at feasts and marriages. One day, he falls in love with the beautiful Magoul-Méguérie, daughter of a rich Turkish merchant. However, he cannot even hope to marry her, such is his social position as pariah and vagabond.
Whether he likes it or not, he decides to travel for seven years, planning either to make a fortune or to die. Once this seven year term is over, Magoul-Méguérie will marry a rich land-owner. Ashik Kerib has many adventures, and meets both good and bad people an bis voyage; St. George will help bim to perform many kind deeds. Now he is back, and he sees his fiancée again for the first time in seven years. They embrace again after their long separation.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Sergej Paradshanov

Written by: Cija Badridz

Production Design: Gogi Aleksi-Meschischiwili, Niko Sanukeli, Schota Gogolaschwili

Main Cast: Yuri Mgoyan, Sofiko Chiaureli, Ramaz Chkhikvadze, Konstantin Stepankov

Nominations and Awards

  • Special Aspect Award 1988
  • European Director 1988