Awards 7 December 2013
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Documentary Film Jury Special Award
Une histoire de vent France (80 min)

Director: Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan-lvens
Screenwriter: Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan-lvens, Elisabeth D.

In his very last movie, "A Tale of the Wind", the virtuoso documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens takes stock of the seventy years he worked in film, creating a monument to himself in images of rare quality. The self-portrait conjures up faint images of Cocteau's "Le Testament d'Orphee", and cannot easily be defined along the lines of conventional documentary filmmaking. Although it employs stylistic devices used in feature films, it never becomes one in any ordinary sense of the word. The wind — seen both subjectively and objectively — is the main methapher in the film: a meteorological phenomenon as well as the breath of historical change, creative power, and of course, life itself. In other words, "A Tale of the Wind" — the poetic testament of a filmmaker of great international renown— while indebted equally to both the documentary and to the feature film genres, was able to go beyond them to become its own unique work of art. The decisive role that Marceline Loridan has played must be stressed as well. As a true "documen-tarist" she contributed greatly toward creating Joris Ivens' last works. The jury is therefore honored to distinguish "A Tale of the Wind," Joris Ivens' last film and summa vitae suae, with a Special Award.